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Monday, July 4, 2011

On This Fourth...


A theocratic state adopts one religion to the exclusion of all others including atheism. By contrast, an atheocratic state excludes all religions with the exception of atheism (a faith in no god). Theocratic states and atheocratic states are the same in that they are based on exclusion and ultimately purges. We are familiar with the examples of theocratic states but less so of atheocratic states. Atheocratic regimes would include Cuba, China, the Soviet Union as well as much of Europe and increasingly the United States.

Had theocracy, freedom of thought, speech, worship, and atheism not found common ground on which to coexist there would be no Fourth of July. Our founders would have turned their backs on one another before setting pen to parchment.

With the Founder's guidance the US was once an example of governance that avoided both theocracy and athocracy. We were a nation in which no groups were disenfranchised to the benefit of a single group and instead all groups were allowed in the public square despite creed, color, religion et cetera. Some of these took longer to acheive than others; there is no compelling argument to drop others.

On this Fourth we should remember the inclusive government that has been lost to atheocracy.

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