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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Democrats and Their Golgafrinchan Like Economic Solutions...


Upon adopting the leaf as a form of currency Golgafrinchans suffered tremendous inflation. Their solution was to begin a campaign of burning their deciduous forests.

Bloody Idiots.


Spend first then find the revenue; idiotic, but it's the the foundation for Democrat paradigm through which political power is maintained. Now in their effort to maintain the flow of easy debt dollars in the face of monetary reality Democrats suggest burning forests:

Democrats recognize that they have a paradigm to protect, one that is based not on spending other people's money, but the dollars of subsequent generations ... debt ... on giveaways in exchange for political power.

In a climate of, as they claim, lower taxes, it is all they have left and they have gone as batty as the Golgafrinchans in defense of their debt spending.

All the while the desire for a balanced budget is labeled "extremist".


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