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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rep. Brad Miller Considers Raising His Odds of Remaining a Rep. to 50%...



Miller told Roll Call that he thought a primary between him and Price would be “very unlikely,” but he stressed that the 4th “includes a lot of very familiar territory for me."

"It would be a district that I would be very pleased to represent. I would love to represent my hometown as well as the town I live in now,” said Miller, who was born and grew up in Fayetteville, in the 4th under the new lines.


Miller said the new 13th “does not include much of the district I’ve represented or what has been my political base, where I draw support and votes.” He noted Price “has represented more of the new 13th than I have represented.”

Two points:
  • the redistricting process has considerably reduced Miller's chances of retaining his seat in the 13th
  • map 2 of the redistricting process put Miller's current address in 12 term Democrat David Price's 4th district thus giving Miller a tolerable excuse to run against one of his own
It is only rational for Miller to entertain raising the probability that he will continue warming a seat in Congress from from near zero to around fifty percent. Self preservation.

So, was redistricting map 2 a favor to Miller?


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