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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court Punts...


The Supreme Court was presented with two arguments.  One was that ObamaCare was constitutional on the basis of the Commerce Clause and one that it was unconstitutional on the basis that the Commerce Clause does not cover coercion.

Of those two choices the Supreme Court found a third:  that fines are taxes even when exacted as a penalty. And as such that it is within the taxing authority of congress to implement ObamaCare.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the argument as presented and refused to find  in favor of an unlimited expansion of the Commerce Clause while also refusing to  overturn the Commerce Clause.

The court punted.

It is clear that legal shortcuts regarding law  are the exclusive province of progressives.  Conversely, the defense of individual liberty, it appears, has a single source: the individual citizen acting in concert.

ObamaCare is now back in the glove of the American voter.

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