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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The final conclusion is that Obama has failed our nation and Keynes has failed the world...


Remember that handy chart the Obama administration gave us by which we could  measure not only the success of the Obama administration's stewardship of the American Economy, but the success of stimulus spending in general on job creation?

Well, it looks like this now:

The Belmont Club asks and answers the question: What would that chart look like had the workforce remained a constant size or in other words had so many individuals not given up looking for a job.

The result was this:

The result of stimulus as a job creating measure is stagnation, not growth. 

But then we knew that because we saw the depression in 1937 that was caused by stimulus spending during the prior seven years  and we recognized that Japan's stimulus spending over the past 20 years has thrust their nation into the  Lost Decade Lost Two Decades and we understand that Europe's persistent low grade "stimulus" in the form of an endless  back ground spending on their social state has made Europe the least able to weather the current depression and most likely to suffer the next failed nation.

By Obama's own benchmark then, the final conclusion is that Obama has failed our nation and  by the benchmark of history, Keynes has failed the world.


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