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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neoneocon is Nervous...


Me too:

It's not about Obamacare, although that does matter to me. But whatever way the Court rules, the ultimate fate of Obamacare will be determined by the upcoming election. If the Democrats are victorious, Obamacare can be easily fixed to eliminate the individual mandate and call it a tax, if need be. If Republicans take control, the bill can be repealed or unfunded, even if SCOTUS decides to uphold its constitutionality tomorrow.

I'm far more concerned with the precedent the Court will set regarding the further expansion of the Commerce Clause. If the Court fails to declare a federal mandate of this type unconstitutional, that would be an enormous triumph for "progressives"---far beyond the momentary victory of the Court's upholding Obamacare.]

It is my hope that ObamaCare is a bridge too far regarding the ridiculous expansion of the Commerce Clause we have seen since Wickard v Fillburn  and that the court overturns Wickard v. Fillburn.  I doubt that will happen.  However, I would be pleased to see our currently open ended  Commerce Clause limited.


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