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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Losing our Liberty one Bureaucratic Law (Regulation) at a Time...


FDA Moves to Regulate Cigars:

Lawmakers worry that the new rules could hurt small businesses and interfere with cigar smokers’ enjoyment of their hobby. Though the agency has yet to lay out its new regulations in detail, industry insiders speculate that it could ban flavored cigars, require ugly warning labels or graphic pictures on cigar boxes, bar customers from entering store humidors, or require that cigars be kept out of the reach of potential buyers, who typically handle and examine them before choosing which ones to buy.
There is a note of resignation by our representatives to bureaucratic regulation  otherwise known as law that bothers me.

There was a time when our lawmakers were the source of law rather than resigned to it.  Of course, we were a representative democracy then... 


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