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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Elimination of Property Taxes is not Just for North Dakota -- Try North Carolina...


NY Times:

       Since Californians shrank their property taxes more than three decades ago by passing Proposition 13, people around the nation have echoed their dismay over such levies, putting forth plans to even them, simplify them, cap them, slash them. In an election here on Tuesday, residents of North Dakota will consider a measure that reaches far beyond any of that — one that abolishes the property tax entirely. 
...even if the measure here fails on Tuesday, the notion is picking up steam in some Republican circles in other states, including North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania.
Property owners in North Carolina are not owners of their property, they are renting it from that jurisdiction which can evict them from their property for not paying their property taxes.

Property owners who can be evicted are not property owners, they are tenants.

Support your right to own your property.


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