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Monday, June 25, 2012

Massive New CO2 Sinks Discovered Put Global Warming Models Out to Pasture...


CO2, that gas ruled a poison by the EPA for regulation purposes,  is plant fertilizer. 

In fact, an increase in CO2 increases the amount of plant biomass on Earth.  Life is a CO2 sink and that should come as no surprise considering the amounts of CO2 found in fossil fuels and fossil fuels, as we all know, is decayed life. 

But plant biomass does not mean just trees on land, it also means plankton in our seas and massive amounts of that plankton have gone unnoticed until now.



The scientists found huge and highly productive phytoplankton blooms that satellite sensors could not detect because they were hidden under Arctic Ocean ice, a phenomenon one said was akin to finding a rainforest in a desert. Their findings were published on June 7.

One of the blooms extended from the sea-ice edge about 100 kilometres into the ice pack. It was up to 70 metres deep in places. The phytoplankton under the sea-ice were extremely productive, doubling in number more than once a day. Blooms in open water grow at a much slower rate, doubling in two to three days.

The researchers estimated that phytoplankton production under the ice in parts of the Arctic Ocean could be up to 10 times higher than in the nearby open ocean. They believe that thinning Arctic sea-ice is allowing sunlight to reach waters underneath and that about a quarter of the Arctic Ocean now has conditions conducive to such blooms.

Does this mean that the global ecosystem has a self-righting mechanism and that as humans pump ever more CO2 into the atmosphere warming the atmosphere and sea, and melting ice, phytoplankton production will increase and absorb the surplus greenhouse gas?

The jury is still out.
" The jury is still out" .... not settled science.


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