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Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Republicans are Winning the Continuing Resolution Debate and Sen. Richard Burr's Resistance to Ted Cruz was an Example of Poor Leadership.

Offers made by Republicans:

  • House Proposal 1 - Fund the government but defund ObamaCare ... Democrats said no. 
  • House Proposal 2 - Fund the government but delay ObamaCare ... Democrats said no.
  • House Proposal 3 - Fund the government and fully fund ObamaCare but included the removal of the 72% subsidy representatives now get to help defray the cost of ObamaCare. Amazingly the Democrats said no, presumably because they prefer their exemptions to funding government.
  • House Proposal 4 - Fund government piecemeal.  Harry Reid claims picking winners and losers in regard to funding is wrong, yet doing just that is the purpose of budgets.  By Reid's logic one could argue picking winners and losers during the last debt ceiling debate was wrong and that we should have employed across the board cuts in funding.  Regardless, Democrats have continued to reject  the piecemeal approach to government funding, even  saying  no to a proposal to continue care for children dying from cancer. 

Republicans began with defunding ObamaCare, moved to delaying ObamaCare, then moved to funding ObamaCare.  All of these proposals have been rejected by Democrats.

Where are the Democrat proposals?  There are none.

The Democrat position "No Negotiation" is a losing position.

BTW, we are beginning to see Ted Cruz's entire plan in which the defunding of ObamaCare was only a first step.  Too bad for Burr he chose to stand against Cruz.


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