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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA) to CNN, "Whose bidding are you doing?" ... The Answer is Sen. Richard Burr (NC) and His Ilk in the Senate. Let Explain How...

Richard Burr and those Republicans who were too cowardly to stand with Cruz effectively gave support to those who favor the continuance of ObamaCare not only by having given them the means by which they can simply argue, 'Not even Republicans support Cruz' but, more substantially, by having empowered those who question the constitutional power of the House to control the nation's purse.

As CNN's Ashleigh Banfield asked, "Why connect the funding of the government, the entire US economy to [Obamacare]?", a question framed entirely from the perspective of empowering the Senate and Sen. Richard Burr relative to the House.  Never you mind the fact that government funding in its entirety constitutionally falls under the purview of the House.

Cruz supported this connection between  ObamaCare and   funding the rest of government  with his filibuster.  Sen. Richard Burr did not.

By questioning the house's choice to defund ObamaCare Richard Burr exposed his desire to  disempower the House, disempower your  congressman, damage the balance of power  between the three branches of government and damage the Constitution.  As such, Burr is neither a friend of your congressman nor is he friend of the Constitution, and although he may claim otherwise Burr  is no longer a Conservative.

I am ashamed for Richard Burr.


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