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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Which Republicans Stood Against Richard Burr in 2011 When He Tried to Ride the Little Red "End the EPA" Train up the Hill? ... None. They Stood With Burr.

Richard Burr taking advice from a self described socialist, Bernie Sanders.

A little History ... In 2011 Richard Burr attempted to kill the EPA. Politico:

A bill introduced Thursday by Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C) would combine the DOE and the EPA into a new agency called the Department of Energy and Environment. Burr’s effort has the backing of 15 GOP co-sponsors.

Burr failed but it wasn't because Republicans pulled arrows from their quivers and belittled him.  He failed because Richard Burr is not a leader.

And today he continues to prove not only his cowardice in the face of leadership but his inability to stand with those today who stood with him in 2011.

What did he say today?  Where did he go to say it? And how did he say it?

Richard Burr went New York Times to  belittle his "fellow" Republicans by referencing in Democrat style at a Democrat news organization Ted Cruz'z reading a bedtime story to his children as he worked thorough the night in defense of liberty.

Via the NYT, a paper that found Burr only worthy of the last paragraph:

To many Senate Republicans, the House’s position has now become mystifying.
“I can’t blame them for anything other than being sold a line that wouldn’t work, seeing the outside support and saying ‘maybe, maybe, maybe,’ ” Senator Richard M. Burr, Republican of North Carolina, said of House conservatives. “Well, you know that train only in a children’s story actually gets to the top of the hill.”
Why can't Burr overcome his cowardice and choose leadership?
And if Burr thinks he is leading now, who does he think he is leading?
And why can't Burr now stand with those who once stood with him?

And most importantly, will Conservative voters trust Burr with their liberty and stand with  Burr when Burr would not stand with those  today who stood with him on the EPA?

It must be tough being a turncoat.

I look forward to 2016 so that we may strengthen the Republican party with unity by purging those like Richard Burr  who cultivate  disunity within the Republican party.


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