There is no free in liberty.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Via the Acton Institute:
So if the Tea Party is not a movement, what is it? Mostly a marketing tactic, and an attempt at rebranding. The term Tea Party is mainly a label for very conservative Republicans and conservative independents who always vote for the GOP, even when they shun the Republican label. It’s a way to set themselves apart from those they deem insufficiently conservative, like RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and ruling class elites.
There is the labor Democrat, there is the Abortion Democrat, there is the Socialist Democrat and more recently there is the Obama Democrat that materializes only when Obama runs for office.

All these interests fall under the same moniker ... Democrat... but that does not make the Democrat party any less a political party.

It strikes me that the core interest between the factions mentioned in the article that ties the Tea Party together is liberty.

Whether it be financial liberty individual (freedom to spend or not) or national (freedom from debt), or a return religious liberty from a nascent persecution (who cares about social issues if religion itself is persecuted), the core interest is a return to liberty, a return to our nation's founding interests.

Thus, the Tea Party unlike the Democrat or Republican parties has more than a name that ties its varied interests together, it has a core belief in liberty.

I don't think that stinks.


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