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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Like Zimmerman and Most KnockOut Victims the La Roux Family is too Lightly Complected to Matter....


Perhaps if she were beaten a bit more she would be dark enough for the left to care.  As it it is she is simply the pride of Mandela.

The Le Roux couple were awakened at 03h00am by armed gunmen and brutally beaten. Their sons Kasllie 16 and Pedro 9 also were assaulted - fortunately little Chris, 4, was asleep. "We were beaten awake, thrown on our stomachs on the floormat, and tied up. We were blinded by their shining flashlights in our eyes and with the blood running into our eyes and could not identify them,'...

In South Africa being white makes one a minority.  And being white is cause for abuse by a tyrannous majority of blacks.  Not only does the left does not care, but it deifies the Marxist responsible.

The La Roux family:

H/T - The Mad Jewess


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