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Friday, October 14, 2011

Where are Occupy's Attacks on Obama (President Goldman Sachs) for Crony Capitalism?


This post comes on the heels of yesterday's post noting a peculiar silence. 

I feel the point should be made that the Tea Party openly loathed Bush and the conservative congress prior to Pelosi and Reid for having spent too much; their concern over excessive spending over shadowing their concern for party.

This is not true of Occupy. Although they point to some valid concerns, blame never falls on democrats. Theirs is a political game first, a source of solutions second.

If Occupy were truly grass roots movement attacking corruption, it would be attacking Obama (President Goldman-Sachs) for crony capitalism as much as the Tea Party attacked and loathed Bush for over spending.

That it does not reveals it to be a political operation having found a cause.


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