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Monday, October 3, 2011

NC Rep. Brad Miller -- Tea Partier...


Republican state lawmaker Brad Miller was at the Raleigh protest. He said this is the beginning of efforts to demand big corporations, banks and the rich pay more taxes.
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Republican? Whatever, wishful thinking is not the point.

The central question is ... Who is responsible? Banks have been looting the public treasury via the socializing of their private debt. Their debt is now the debt of the citizenry and lawmakers like Democrat Brad Miller who have lent their votes to the transfer of $13 trillion according to PBS of public money to private interests are responsible.

Yet in utter denial of his own  responsibility and record of voting public treasury into the pockets of bankers, Brad Miller had this to say: (WRAL)

"The people who caused the financial crisis (and) the painful recession that we've been through seem to have gotten off scot-free," Miller said. "The people who did suffer were really without blame, and that offends people."

So, who was doing the marching?

Protester J.J. Jiang: (WRAL)
"The taxpayers' money bailed them out and they didn't sacrifice anything, but actually they benefited," Jiang said.

And protester Tanya Glover : (WRAL)
Tanya Glover attended the Occupy Raleigh protest at Moore Square Sunday evening. She said she feels like the American people are getting "dumped on" by corporations and Congress.
"The (bank bailout) money went straight back into the pockets of CEOs and corporations," she said. "We work harder, we get taxed more. The corporations give money to the politicians and the politicians are serving the corporations. The corporations are not people."
Protester J.J. Jiang and Tanya Glover are  Tea Partiers and don't seem to be aware of it. It does not seem that even the press or Brad Miller are aware of the true nature of theses marches.

Although these marches may not have have started as Tea Party marches, they certainly are Tea Party marches.


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