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Saturday, October 22, 2011

EPA Vs. DOE On Electic Car Milage Standards - And the EPA Plays Politics...



The end result is startling.  Using the DOE’s apples to apples methodology, the MPGe of the Nissan Leaf is not 99 but 36! Now, 36 is a good mileage number, but it is pretty pedestrian compared to the overblown expectations for electric vehicles, and is actually lower than the EPA calculated mileage of a number of hybrids and even a few traditional gasoline-powered vehicles like the Honda CR-Z.


The only reason not to use this standard is because the EPA, and the Administration in general, has too many chips on the table behind electric vehicles, and simply can’t afford an honest accounting.  In the private sector, this is called accounting fraud and a number of high profile executives are in jail for doing something similar.

Social policy should not be divined by the few within our rogue EPA, but the many within a free economy.


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