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Friday, August 23, 2013

Senator Burr (NC) Loses This Conservative's Vote for Characterizing the Funding of Government Absent ObamaCare Funding as a Government Shutdown...


A true conservative would not let the reporter in the included video characterize the push for funding government while defunding ObamaCare as a government shutdown.

Burr did.  His doing so is an admission that he is no longer conservative, that he does not stand with his base in regard to one of this time's defining issues and that he prefers the Republican base in NC to be without representation in regard to ObamaCare.

If that is the case I have no reason to support him or give him my vote.

And although I can not retract a vote for Ellmers as I do not live in her district, I will no longer support Ellmers  in the future.  She is a lost and confused soul.

Consider this.  In the early 90's Democrats passed gun control measures that they later paid a dear political price for  in 1994.  Yet in the face of campaign promises otherwise they had the balls to push for gun control since Sandy Hook.  And even after being defeated in that most recent push for gun control they are still out there pushing for gun control today.  It's a losing issue for them, yet still they fight for gun control ... wining in small venues across the nation.

Now contrast the lack of public support for gun control Democrats are willing to go to battle with  to the bipartisan support for ending ObamaCare that flaccid Republicans are too fearful to represent.

It is clear to me the best thing Obama and by extension the Democrats have going  for them is a pervasive fear of the Democrat agenda among amenable Republicans like Ellmers and Burr, a fear so great  that Republicans like them can not even bring themselves to represent the 54% majority of the public that want ObamaCare gone.

The real pussy riot is in the Republican party.

They have utterly lost me.


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