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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I am Stunned to Find, Based on the Same Power the Executive Grants ObamaCare Waivers, a Citizen's Affordable Healthcare Act Waiver -- (Form T-1776)


While it is Congress that is empowered to write law it is the executive that is not only expected to execute that law but is also bound by it. The executive, however, has granted exceptions to Obamacare such as waiving the employer mandate and allowing the subsidizing of Congressional member's Obamacare costs, neither of which were Affordable Healthcare Act law.

Simply fill in the following form (T-1776) and send it to your flaccid representative. Claim for yourself that power our neutered and flaccid representatives in congress seem so unwilling to defend as theirs.

 Click here for the PDF.

Citizens ObamaCare Waiver    

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