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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ayn Rand's Prescience »


Ayn Rand's Prescience »: From James Delingpole:

One of the things she foresaw was the current nonsensical, dishonest, canting campaign against shale gas. In Atlas Shrugged it takes the form of Rearden Metal, the miracle technology which is going to transform the US economy if only the progressives will let it. But of course, Rand’s fictional progressives don’t want Reardon Metal to succeed any more than their modern, real-life equivalents want shale gas to succeed.
Well, she lived our nation's bureaucratic totalitarian future, a future not necessarily our present.

What good are representatives when law is birthed less in the halls of congress than in the labyrinthine matrix of bureaucracies at the behest of the executive?


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