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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Polls and the Progressive's New Tool - the Coercive Tax...


What would we call a tax on people who choose not to vote?

A poll penalty? a poll penalty/tax? a penalty poll tax?or perhaps a poll tax penalty?

I suspect such a poll 'penalty/tax', as Pelosi might call it, could easily  become be a potential source of future voting power for Democrats as it would drive the shiftless dependent class to the polls  more than making up for losses in traditional liberal voting blocks elsewhere. Labor, for instance.

Contemplate  the moralizing, though.  Is coercion of the vote  any more moral than erecting barriers to the vote?

I suspect Democrats would find such coercion as moral as  ObamaCare coercion.  Perhaps even more so.

And I imagine progressives would also find moralizing the ID's necessary for the policing of such a penalty/tax quite easy as the end (near 100% voter turnout) would easily justify the means in their thinking.  I doubt even the necessity of IRS enforcement which would undoubtedly fall more heavily on those least likely to vote, the Democrat's voting block of poor dependents,  would be much of a moral hurdle.  If troubled American progressives might argue something along the lines of What's the Matter with Kansas? or simply claim, it's for their own good.

As we have learned from our experience with ObamaCare, the end justifies any and all means when it is for their own good, for the good of society, for the good of the mother country.


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