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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keynes - Clashing With Reality bit Still Standing...


Peter Ferrara

The now once again thoroughly discredited, failed Keynesian economics survives intellectually only because it provides cover to the politicians, and to their leftist media cheerleaders, to do what they want to do, which is spend like spoiled children, and not pay for it. But it is long past time for the rest of us to recognize Keynesian doctrine for the now outright intellectual corruption it is, and to hold the Keynesians personally accountable for it.


Worst of all are the most ardent, hysterical and blind media advocates of Keynesianism, like Paul Krugman, who after Obama and his runaway all time government spending spree has taken America to the brink of fiscal insolvency, like a drunken back seat driver belches us on to accelerate even faster on our current course into the inevitable crash and burn.

That needs to be recognized as a form of personal lunacy, for which the only real solution appears to be the restoration of the laws providing for involuntary commitment.

In other words we traded real debt for no lasting gain. Keynes failed, FDR failed. The nation suffered.
We saw it again with the conclusion of WWII which was followed not by boom but by bust in the recession of 1945.

And in the most glaring example there is Japan which continuous the feel good Keynesian stimulus that has resulted not in boom, but a full generation of economic stagnancy. In Japan we see firsthand the real loss that was transferred to the unborn when Japanese leaders chose Keynesian solutions.

Those unborn are now young adults enduring the fiscal abuse metered out by elders who asked themselves:
Why not leave our children and grandchildren with debt? Why do they get to be the special generation with no debt?
and chose poorly.


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