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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Utterly UnAmerican Mechanations of Beach Management of Charleston South Carolina...


I am a landlord and when I see an American flag flying I feel pride.  Apparently Beach Management of Charleston SC feels disgust:

A bar in Charleston, South Carolina has been forced by the company that owns the property upon which the business sits to remove an American flag and the popular black flag that honors Vietnam POWs and MIAs that the bar manager had raised months ago.


Friend of the blog Jeff Quinton helps supply the contact info for Beach Management should you desire to let them know that forcing people to take down U.S. flags is not a neighborly thing to do.

The CEO of The Beach Company is John C.L. Darby and the Chairman of the Board is Charles S. Way, Jr. Donna Brashier is identified in the article as property manager for Beach Management.

You can click here to fill out their contact form or you can contact them by phone or U.S. Mail via the below information:

John Darby, CEO (jdarby@thebeachcompany.com)
The Beach Company
211 King St # 300
Charleston, SC 29401
Majestic Square

(843) 722-2615

What is wrong with some in our nation that patriotism has become dirty, a thing to be squelched? Simply unAmerican.



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  2. What was the name of the bar? I would love to go and have a drink there and show my support for them! Who ever rents or leases from them should consider Homes for sale in Charleston instead! Shame on them for making both of those flags come down!