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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Speech Under Attack by the Left....


An example from the UK:
For making those comments, the young man was swiftly given a two-month prison sentence, upheld on appeal last week.

At his original trial, he had pleaded guilty to ‘racially aggravated public disorder’ by ‘inciting racial hatred’ through posting his comments. In upholding his sentence, the presiding magistrate at the appeal justified it by saying of the man that:

He was intending to say what he said and was intending to produce the effect that he did.

And in Canada where free speech was upheld:
Alberta judge rules that it is legal to disagree with homosexuality:

When I first heard the term "Hate Crime" in my youth, I thought it odd that thought or feeling was being criminalized. If fact, it wasn't being criminalized at the time.

What the terminology did, though, was to open the door to accepting thought, feeling, and ultimately speech as criminal acts. In the years since my first introduction to the term my first impression has been proven correct.

We now defend free speech from liberalism.


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