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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Failed Generation:



Fabius Maximus responding to jonh:

(1) “I think it can be said the 60s and 70s people did significant positive things in their time.”

I was more specific, not refering to “people” but to young people (ie, boomers) in the 1965-1975 era. Whatever good the boomers did then as youngsters, we have been a disaster as adults for the Republic.

(2) “They participated and institutionalized the Civil Rights movement. Their work for the environment and creation of the EPA was a boon to our health and nature’s health.”

This is not accurate. The great era of civil rights legislation and executive action was mostly over by 1969, and the boomers had only a small role. The EPA was proposed by Nixon in 1969, and again the Boomers played only a small role.

(3) “but they did make significant changes.”

Taking the rose-colored glasses off, are the Boomers leaving America in better shape than they inherited it (as of what date? 1985?)

(4) “I have no documents or references to back up my feeling, but I think that when then boomers leave the political scene, good things will fall in place.”

Hope is not a plan. This sounds like something Professor Pangloss would say in Voltaire’s Candide. The ship is sinking; relying on hope that things will end well is a self-destructive.

(5) “Our generation largely believe in core Western values of freedom, merit, tolerance, and separation of power.”

Nobody cares what sheep believe. Citizens act together, which makes them powerful.

(6) “I think what keeps us from engaging in politics in a mainstream way is the disgust in the current regime our parents run.”

If only good excuses made the world better. It would be heaven!



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