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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Capitalism's Corruption a Statist Seduction...



Capitalism, as Communism is merely a system of codified rules.

Any system made be men can be corrupted by men.

Such was the case of Havel's Communism and that is the present case with the Capitalism of the US, presently.

Communism is not corrupted by man. Communism's corruption, as well as its failure, is that it attempts to reshape man in its own soulless image. Man is not a thing to be shaped, but rather a being to be reflected.

And that is Capitalism's strength; it is a reflection of mankind's natural tendencies toward trade,  competition and liberty.

Thus, much of the corruption we see today is the direct result of a slow drift from a nation constructed on man's natural competitive and liberated condition toward a non competitive man dependent on the state that molded him.

And, as I have argued elsewhere, the solution to the problem of corruption is a reduced government, as a reduction in government would dry the teat upon which corruption feeds.  Alternatively, we can turn on one another, silencing  particular groups  for taking an unfair share of the government's milk, as OWS argues, and feed on a strengthened, fattened government teat ... while it lasts.


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