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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Could Ron Paul Truly Be Pulling Even With Newt?


First off, this is a PPP poll, so any results prior to the two or three week period before an election should be taken with a grain of salt.

The StateColumn:

Ron Paul (R-TX), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, tied former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the latest Public Policy Polling poll of Iowa GOP caucusgoers. Mr. Paul garnered 21 percent of the votes to pull even with Mr. Gingrich who earned 22 percent of the votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took third place with 16 percent of the votes.

However, if true, I could swallow some  foreign policy aberrations for the whole of the package. Paul has always been my first choice without hope of ever becoming one.  Lets hope he does.



  1. Ron Paul would be just the candidate Team Obama hopes to run against next year. For all the faint praise the media gives him for being their favorite Republican gadfly, the tale would turn if he was the nominee.

    Don't believe it? See what they aren't saying against Paul, preferring to keep it in reserve to use if he's the nominee.


    "While Paul’s views on Israel certainly place him outside the American, never mind Republican, mainstream, there is an even more elementary reason the RJC was right to exclude him from its event. It is Paul’s lucrative and decades-long promotion of bigotry and conspiracy theories, for which he has yet to account fully, and his continuing espousal of extremist views, that should make him unwelcome at any respectable forum, not only those hosted by Jewish organizations. "

    In addition, I do not recall Paul disavowing the long time support he's received from Skinhead/White Supremists.

    Think the Obama Media tag team members and "progressives" everywhere would get around to discussing these things very quickly if Paul was the nominee?

    Think that they just might remain silent if Paul runs as a third party candidate?

  2. Admittedly, I have my misgivings.

    To this point I have been unaware of the arguments against Paul at the link provided. They are to be considered.

    But he is so right about so much domestically and economically that I find him appealing. Additionally I find it appealing that he would likely lead in an unswayable manner.

    In the past I have voted Conservative nationally, as a Libertarian vote seemed too dangerous during the recent spate of tight elections. Perhaps it was, but perhaps we didn't do the Conservatives in power the favor of reminding them of their fiscal obligations.

    I am rambling because I do not know ... Mitt is unappealing, Newt likewise but less so, Paul I have liked but feel less sure of now.

    That leaves three, two of which I find most appealing, Bachman, and Perry, neither of which are likely to make a comeback. But who knows?

    I feel destined that I will be forced to accept a the unpalatable.


  3. The reality of 21st century American politics says that only two Republicans stand a chance against Obama next November: Romney and Gingrich, with Gingrich having the smaller chance at succeeding.

    We will never be able to fix the damage of Obama having four more years to wreak havoc with the nation's foundation.