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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) Seems to Have Given Up on the Thirteenth...


After enjoying a decade in the 13th district, Brad Miller was drawn out of his home district in a revised redistricting map and into David Price's 4th district. This opened Miller up to a choice between running in his more conservative home district or a more liberal district currently occupied by fellow Democrat David Price.

Well, it appears Miller prefers a fifty/fifty chance at keeping a seat in congress to a zero percent chance. As for whether I prefer Miller to win or Price to win, I'd have to pick Price, although I believe one candidate is as wide as the other is long.

Democratic Congressmen Brad Miller of Raleigh and David Price of Chapel Hill have already started campaigning in Fayetteville for the 4th District Congressional seat, even though both said recently that they don't want to run in a Democratic primary against each other.


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