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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Greece is Broke Again, Germany is Tired and Europe is Boned...


Simon Black:
Why should a German hairdresser who retires at age 65 stick his neck out so that a Greek hairdresser can retire at age 50? This, from a continent that was perpetually at war with itself for over a thousand years.
With a weary Germany, Europe turns with empty pockets to China:

It’s a testament to the absurdity of our failed financial system when the highly indebted rich countries of the world have to go to China, a nation of peasants, for a bailout.

Don't think that China is all into Keynesian pump priming the world so they can sell their goods. No. China is buying political influence in the western world at the expense of western citizens who made the mistake of trading individual responsibility for shared responsibility.

We are the ones China has been waiting for.


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