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Monday, September 26, 2011

Net Neutrality: It Just Keeps Coming:



Our non congressionally policed bureaucratic branch:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filed a final version of its net neutrality rules Thursday, one year after they voted to pass the framework defining the principles of an ‘open Internet.’ The vote on the framework was passed on partisan lines, 3-2.

The rules, published on the Federal Register’s website, will go into effect November 20th. Touted as a major victory for a free and open Internet by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Republicans have begun building a last-ditch challenge to a principle they believe will kill markets.

From the comments (fourleafclover):
Water neutrality would be where everyone pays the same water bill no matter how much water you use. If you use very little but your neighbor uses a lot, you'll be subsidizing his water bill. Net neutrality is the same thing, it is the socialization of the internet. If you use the internet for e-mail and surfing the net you will pay the same as your neighbor who is downloading movies and music. The FCC is going to require each ISP guarantee each customer the full speed of his connection no matter that it will cost billions to upgrade ISPs all over the country. Internet costs are going to skyrocket with the implementation of net neutrality. Google and Netflix will be tickled with their billions of profit made on the backs of citizens who don't use their services.

Socialized bandwidth.


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