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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The ACA is Hurting North Carolina but Kay Hagan With Nothing to Lose Embraces it...


According to the HHS NC ACA enrollment is running at around 160,000.

Of course they ignore the question of how many of those 160k enrolled thus far had insurance prior to being kicked off their preferred individual plan by the ACA.

Although the data is scarce indications are that 90% of those enrolled in the ACA had insurance prior to being forced out.

And how many have paid for this insurance through the ACA?  The HHS counts all those who have have chosen a plan even if they have not paid for a plan.  They term this metric "enrolled", but enrollment is not the same as a paying customer. According to CNN  20% to 30% of those who have "enrolled" in the ACA have not paid.  We'll go with the lower end at 20%.


So we can lower that initial 160k supplied by the HHS by the 20% that have not paid for their chosen plan which leaves 128K truly enrolled in the ACA  in NC.  And of those truly enrolled only 11% did not previously have insurance, about 13 thousand.

Finally we should compare that number of those enrolled to the the number of North Carolinians who have lost their insurance due to the ACA. According to the News Observer that number stands at around 473,000.

To sum up:
Since the ACA has kicked off in NC:
== 473,000 have lost their insurance due to the ACA.
== 115,220 of those then bought insurance through the ACA exchange.
== And almost 13,000 once uninsured gained insurance.

== That means 345,000 more North Carolinians are without insurance since the ACA kicked off.

This of this includes the pain of those demoted to part time work or fired altogether due to the ACA.

The ACA is hurting North Carolinians.


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