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Friday, February 28, 2014

Jan Brewer Chose the New Church Lady in Town...


In the press there have been a lot of comparisons to the Jim Crow south in regard to Arizona's religious tolerance bill. The subtext is that Republicans were somehow responsible for the Jim Crow south, and that their intolerance then is reflected today in intolerance for homosexuals today.

The history as well as the reality is quite different from the press narrative.

The segregated south was a result of Democrat Jim Crow laws which only represented a step back from the Southern Slavery rights Democrats fought but failed to retain.  Remember that Lincoln was a Republican.

It was Republicans who not only fought for the liberty of slaves, but it was Republicans who fought for an end to Jim Crow and it was Republicans who wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while Democrats filibustered the same.

In the end all Democrats did for the liberty of black Americans was to change their mind in 1964.

As to Arizona, religious liberty is not a "fig leaf", it is a foundational precept upon which our nation is founded and it should be understood that coercion in regard to forcing individuals to act against their religious conscience is a legitimate concern.

But, in short, what is being asked of our nation is to choose between virtues, a liberal virtue of intolerance toward the religious beliefs of others or the American virtue of tolerance and respect toward religious diversity.  Thus the real source of intolerance is Democrats, both during the Jim Crow south they crafted and the intolerance toward the religious Democrats promulgate today.

In the end there is a new "Church Lady" in town and her name is liberal Democrat. Start hoarding your salt, your colas, your guns and your religion.


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