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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nick Gillespie Hosts a Discussion Concerning Libertarian Convergence/Divergence on Abortion ...


It seems clear to that science has defined humanity by genetics and that that genetic marker that is human is had at time of conception.  Humans by virtue of being  genetically human are are thus endowed with liberty at time that the requisite genetic material for being human is had ... conception.

The result is that any carve-out that results in a class of people being denied liberty from the moment of conception on, and in the case of abortion resulting in a denial of the most fundamental of liberties, that of life, is little more than a rationalization.

Just as we once rationalized the transfer of liberty from many slaves to fewer others for convenience we now rationalize the transfer of liberty from many prenatal to fewer others for convenience.  In each iteration Democrats have there to benefit politically from that transfer of liberty.

Nick Gillespie:


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