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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why is Sen. Richard Burr (NC) More Invigorated by His Homosexual Beliefs Than by Our Belief in Religious Liberty?

Remember DADT?  It was Bill Clinton's middle ground solution to homosexuality in the military, a kind of silent  tolerance for homosexuality.  Yet, like ships passing in the night we have seen DADT fall away in regard to homosexuality while at the same  time  the faithful are increasingly finding their beliefs under a de facto 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy that is quickly slipping toward  intolerance.

Sen. Richard Burr (NC) supported with heart and vote the repeal of DADT in regard to homosexuality, yet Burr is silent in regard to marching religious intolerance in the military.

Of course, there should be no need to bring up the obvious affront to liberty this represents.  While there is a First Amendment protection for religious belief, there is none for homosexual belief, yet Burr is not so invigorated by First Amendment protections as he is by his homosexual beliefs.

Is this a man who represents you? Your beliefs?  Your Constitution?

It is no longer enough to claim one is conservative, one must actually be conservative and vote conservative if they also claim to be a Republican.

While Burr  does not  claim to be a liberal or a Democrat neither does he lead as a  conservative or a Republican.

Whatever Burr is, it is unAmerican.


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