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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sen. Richard Burr's (NC) rejection to defund ObamaCare lays bare for the world the hollowness of his promises to fight ObamaCare

Burr guiding your doctor in Burr's interests

Sen Richard Burr stood with Harry Reid in regard to ObamaCare on Friday and he explained his defection from conservative principles to the Charlotte Observer.

Sen. Richard Burr via the Charlotte Observer:
“I voted today to advance the exact bill that a handful of my colleagues asked for. Filibustering such a bill is not only the height of hypocrisy, but also lays bare for the world the hollowness of this so-called strategy. Continuing resolution or not, Obamacare will get funded because it is largely made up of mandatory programs. A legislative strategy that takes into account neither the rules of the Senate nor the mechanics of the law you are seeking to dismantle is not much of a strategy, and making things up on the fly is not responsible governing.
“Instead, I will continue to work with my colleagues to bring people together to pursue serious legislative proposals to get rid of Obamacare, and make the case to the American people of the dangers of this disastrous law.”

Actually Burr voted to advance the spending bill for the express purpose of allowing Harry Reid and himself the ability to strip the defunding of ObamaCare from the bill. Had Burr stood with Cruz and other Conservatives in the Senate Reid would have been forced to shut down government so as to protect Obamacare from defunding or support the defunding of ObamaCare.  And remember neither ObamaCare nor shutting down the government are popular among Americans.

So when faced with the opportunity to force Democrats to defund government, an unpopular path mind you, in defense an equally unpopular law, ObamaCare, Richard Burr folded. Why? Why protect Democrats from themselves?

And why would Burr attempt to pass off the gibberish above? Is the damage of his disunity with conservatives not worse than a partial defunding of ObamaCare, which as he notes is all that can be achieved due to mandatory programs?

And would a win for Republicans on ObamaCare not be better for Republicans than the disunity fostered by Richard Burr?

Frankly, Burr's above statement is not only the height of hypocrisy, but also lays bare for the world the hollowness of his promises to fight ObamaCare.  He was not there when conservatives needed him. Instead Richard Burr prefers to guide your doctor toward Richard Burr's interests and ObamaCare, funded with your money, is the perfect vehicle for that.

Remember how Burr has failed you in 2016.


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