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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Democrats Taxing Productivity While Letting the Wealthiest Slide...


Why are the wealthiest like Buffet and Gates liberals? Their politics runs counter to the democrat myth that republicans are the party of the rich.

The reason is simple.

Taxing income penalises the productive while sheltering the wealth of individuals like Buffet. That's right, the Democratic Party is the party of the non productive massively wealthy while rhetorically picking up the marginally more productive poor who have given up on high earnings.

Bruce Krasting:
When Obama talks of taxing millionaires and billionaires he is missing the mark. He is pushing for a higher tax on income. What he doesn’t get is that millionaires and billionaires actually don’t have that much income. Yes they have wealth, but it is very easy to avoid paying taxes on wealth. The people who will pay higher taxes are young people, not the rich old fogies that have bundles in the bank.


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