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Sunday, January 11, 2015

No. The Founders did Not Reject Religion ...

One of the more interesting aspects of Democrats is their belief, that the Enlightenment rejected religion. It did not. The Enlightenment embraced reason over superstition but in no way rejected religion.

For example, when crafting our representative republic our founders' goal was to ensure all perspectives of all individual concerns were respected, after all the Enlightenment made virtuous what we understand today to be individual primacy.

If the concerns of all of society were to be reflected in governance then rejecting the concerns of the religious would have been unreasonable, in other words, unenlightened.

Yet Democrats argue just that point, that the founders rejected religion, as though that argument reflects Enlightenment virtue when if fact it reflects the unenlightened irrationality of one not only arguing against a representative republic by excluding the concerns of the religious, but in so doing rejects the primacy of the individual as well.


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