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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Pleasant Voting Experience...


Both my wife and I voted together.  As we walked up I noted the lack of Obama signs amid a plethora of local Democrat and Republican signs.  Romney signs outnumbered Obama signs.

There was the normal gauntlet of pamphlet pushers, conservatives to the right, liberals to the left.  Each were within an arm's reach.  To my delight, unlike the geriatric cadre of liberals to the left, the conservatives were manned entirely by high school and college students.

My wife and I accepted a voting guide from the conservative side.  The last individual on the left was running for some  local soil office and made his pitch our way even though we were obviously conservatives. 

Inside there was no line. Everyone was nice.  I was proud.

As we left my wife and I each admitted to on another had thrown our vote to the liberal soil guy, Grogan.  Keep pitching dude.

We thanked the conservative youth at the gate and returned our voting guide for reuse.

A good experience.


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