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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Humility is the Price of Hubris Among the Forgiven..


Do you remember more Bush the campaigner or Bush the leader?

What of Obama? Do you remember Obama the campaigner or Obama the leader?

The difference between the two is that Obama campaigned beyond his ability to lead - in a word, failure.

The sense of "Obama the messiah" is gone because Obama failed to rise to the aura of his own pitch.  It is for that reason every attempt to rekindle yesterday's magic during the current campaign has failed.

And that will not change, for a messianic figure quantified  is no messiah and one quantified by his own measures of failure even less so.

That said, yesterday's hubris can be tamed and even forgiven by today's humility.  Presidents are human as even Obama's staunchest supporters know.  But nothing I have seen thus far indicates that Obama intends to embrace humility or is even capable of humility and absent humility Obama will never find forgiveness for his failure among the electorate.

That is Obama's insurmountable hurdle - the belief that in the face of his own failure he can overcome yesterday's hubris without humility.

And if Obama fails to embrace and sell his humility during the DNC he will have never, in the eyes of the electorate, matured into a leader worthy of their forgiveness or a second term.


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