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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

-- a Depression...


When does a recession become a depression?

Are we required to wait for black and white photos of white collar citizens in soup lines, gaunt families searching for work while living out of their overladen roofless Model Ts, the more fortunate huddled around their spiky farm implements or resting amid dust on the porch?

That won't come. Many of those photos that so define the depression are simply representative of the era, depression or not.

However, society's mental template of what a depression is, is changing; it's being modernized. Until that metamorphosis occurs or we have a conservative president immune from "unexpected" economic numbers what we are currently living through will not be called what it is, a depression.


Some spooky charts via The Atlantic:


My father always told me growing up that no matter what happened, I could always come home. When I was 15, I found out why. When he was a young adult, living on his own, he hit rough times - working only a few days a month at best, putting his entire paycheck towards debts and rent - barely scrapping by on venicen. one day, he heard a knock at the door, where he found his father, my grandfather, waiting for him. He said, "Grab your things, son, I've come to bring you home."
Commented in reference to Solsbury Hill.

My grandfather rode the rails as a teenager during the Great Depression; he had no home to retreat to in which he would not have been a burden. His father did not come for him. After he had grown and his own children were leaving home my grandfather made it clear to my father that he would always have a home to return to.

My father made the same clear to me.

Depressionary scars run through the depth of generations.


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