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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Atheocratic State Demands Environmental Contrition ...


The religion of science, atheism, has found a home in western governments. And just as the unknown gives rise to superstition, the immeasurably of the future gives rise to science's equivalent ... conjecture; the best example of which is AGW. The result is environmental contrition.
The fact is that scientists and politicians have been too quick to assume causation when it comes to climate change. Like ancient tribes of people who made sacrifices to the gods of nature, modern societies are too easily convinced that they are the ones responsible for weather changes and that they can somehow atone for their environmental sins through changes in behavior. And this happens to be very convenient for politicians and profiteers who are intent on regulating global energy use for their own power and financial gain.


All pain for no measurable gain.

Where once Medieval Catholicism co-opted government and forced tithes, modern atheism has co-opted government and is forcing environmental contrition.

Although America is not a Theocracy, it's well on its way to becoming an Atheocratic state.


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